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Welcome To Ala Rubra
(We are the crimson wing of the Alliance)

Ala Rubra is a laid back guild of people who like to raid, pvp, and just have fun. We do not have a lot of rules or policies but we stick to the ones we have and we deal with any rule breakers swiftly. We run a three strike rule. This also changes to apply to the infraction, if it is bad enough three strikes don't count you are just out.

1. We do not sell stuff to guildies unless it is a major item and costs a lot to make even then there should be a guildie discount. If they supply mats it is free unless they feel like tipping.

2. We do not charge guildies for runs. This I am Tank or Healer and I will sell you my instant cue does not fly when it comes to guildies. In Trade go for it make your money but as a guild we are here to help, support and generally enhance each others game.

3. There will be no trolling or spamming in Guild or Trade chat. If you are looking to fill a run fine but you do not have to spam the hell out of trade to do that.

4. We like to joke around in guild and have fun with each other. Calling each other names and making fun is fine but know the line and don't cross it. If someone gets upset stop if it continues this is one of those instant removal from guild infraction. Swearing is fine as long as it is controlled, Racial comments will not be used in guild chat or vent and is very frowned apon in any ingame chat. You will be asked to stop and if not removal from guild is the only option. Remember we also have little kids that play or can hear things through vent. During the day PLEASE try to keep vulgar language, sexual and drug talk to a minimum. Our guild name and members will be respected and show respect.

5. Everything in the guild bank is available to all guildies. Guild Bank is there for everyone to use all we ask is if you want stuff from the bank you better be willing to put stuff in the bank. The money from the guild bank goes to help to get mats for gear, flasks, food, and general stuff a guild needs to run.

6. DRAMA is a no go in this guild if you have not already picked up on this. There will be little fights and dissagreements this is normal we are human and have our own opinions. Just remember everyone is different and respect that. Drama if bad enough is instant removal from guild. If some one offends you or does something you do not like come to the GM and/or Officers and let us deal with it do not start a big fight in guild chat. We will try to resolve the issue as fast as we can and will take action as needed.

7. Raiding is and will be a big thing in our guild. We use the ingame Calendar to set up our raids. If you can go sign up, if you can't don't. If you say you can go be there on time and be ready with gold for repair, food, flasks and anything else you might need. If you signed up and can not make it please try and let someone know before the raid so we can replace you. No shows for raids with out a good reason will make us not want to take you anymore. Real Life stuff happenes and can not be avoided just let us know. My friends dog died so I can not make it to the raid is not a good reason I am sorry. Yes I have had someone use that one before it did not work out to well for them lol.

8. Officers are the GM when I am not on what they say goes and thats final. If you dissagree with an officer wait until the GM comes on to talk to him or send an ingame mail. The GM will deal with the Officers and if I agree with them I will back them but if I do not I will take action on them the same as I would anyone else. My officers are officers for a reason. I trust them with my guild and my guildies when I am not there but they can also be demoted or removed from guild just like anyone else.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our guild page hope you enjoyed yourself. Please feel free to look us up ingame.

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